How to Control Your Mind and 4 Way for Change Your Life

How to Control Your Mind and 4 Way for Change Your Life


How to Control Your Mind and 4 Way for Change Your Life:

The mind consists of many different parts that can each exert influence on your behavior. You may want to change how influential a part of your mind is. For example, the part of your mind that cares about getting enough calories and nutrients may urge you to eat rich fatty foods, but another part of you recognizes that in the long run, excessive overeating will ruin your health and your physical image. 

To Control Your Mind, exerting self-controlover behaviors you want to change is key. There are a number of tricks you can employ to change your mind and ultimately your behavior. The fact that you and I CAN think, reflect and so often regret the past, imagine and so often fear the future, even to be unconscious of our own capacity to be conscious is the biggest curse humans live with and so try to escape from almost continually.

4 Way For Control Your Mind:

  1. Meditate daily:

If you’re one of those persons who quickly excuses yourself as having tried meditation and discovering it does not work for you, that’s the first thought you need to change. Deceitful And the most deceived person is one-and-the-same deceiver. You CAN learn to meditate and you must, if you wish to learn to control your thoughts and your thinking.

  1. Stop overgeneralizing:

Overgeneralizing means taking a single occurrence of a negative experience and projecting it onto other experiences or to your predictions about how the future will be. For example, someone who overgeneralizes might say, I had a difficult childhood, so my life is going to be difficult forever.

  1. Recognize the Truth:

The only way to combat a lie is with truth and right now is the time to seek out what the truth about you is. At this stage is where I pray, read my Bible, and ask God to reveal to me the truth about who I am created to be. Your process may be different. I might also talk to Lisa or a close friend about this. I’ve worked with counselors and I work with a coach who can offer me an outsider’s perspective. Whatever route you choose to take, you must determine the truth.

  1. Believe in yourself and that you can change:

If you don’t believe that you can change you’re not going to try nearly as hard as if you believe success is possible. So, make sure that you’re using positive thinking to face your problem. Try to keep in mind that you can change the way you think, that you can improve.

Observe Your Own Mind:

The saying Know thine enemy. is also applicable to our relationship with our own  minds. Just like a good leader spends his time walking through the offices, getting to know the employees, so we need to devote time to getting to know how our minds work day to day.  Call it mindfulness, meditation, or quiet time. Time spent observing your mind is as important as time spent exercising.

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