An artificial eye is a prosthesis which is used to replace a missing or damaged eye. In order to accomplish the goal of creating a visual prosthesis, scientists had to develop a camera which could interact with the brain by stimulating the optic nerve.

HOW BRAIN WORKS AFTER SEEING AN IMAGE:  After seeing an image the brain takes information from the outside world and encodes it in patterns of electrical activity. • After the creating pattern the brain get a visualization of an image. Those can us actually seeing the image from our eyes.

RESULTS OF THIS SYTEM identify the location or movement of objects and people; recognize large letters, words, or Sentences. And helped in other activities of daily life, such as detecting street curbs and walking on a sidewalk without stepping off.

Support for argues II device Three government organizations provided support for the development of the Argus II. The Department of Energy, National Eye Institute at the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation collaborated to provide grant funding totaling more than $100 million, support for material design and other basic research for the project.

Advantages  ability to perform visual tasks demonstrated in many patients Upgradable external hardware and software to benefit from future innovations  the brain has an amazing ability to adapt to new input and to improve his or her understanding of what is being “seen” via an artificial vision system.

PARTS OF ARGUS II DEVICE The System has three parts: a small electronic device implanted in and around the eye, a tiny video camera attached to a pair of glasses, and a video processing unit that is worn or carried by the patient.

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