AI Revolution with its Full Autonomy

AI Revolution with its Full Autonomy

The power of our practical AI agent comes from two central components, which are a reasoning engine called Acre and a human-like memory called Memory Graph.  Acre is a cognitive reasoning engine by unifying problem solving and learning. Acre fully automates the

reasoning process from end to end. Acre is Incremental Holistic Human-like Reasoned, covering the full spectrum of reasoning from sensing, reasoning, discovering, planning, learning, and remembering until responding and performing.

Unlike most of the classical planners that deal with physical actions only, CMAP is capable of dealing with both physical and cognitive actions. That is why we call it as Cognitive Multi-Agent Planner or CMAP for short. It is implemented in a major planning language called PDDL.

In addition, it is also integrated with an incremental case-based reasoned over time. Among our central applications are personal robots, conversational AI assistants, and AI agent games and entertainment.

Note that eagles can see 4 -8 times farther than humans, whereas dolphins can hear 7 times more than humans. It is language that is unique to humans, according to Noam Chomsky.

AI agent that converses natural language with humans is probably the hardest.

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