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Cybernetics takes as its domain the design or discovery and application of principles of regulation and communication. Cybernetics treats not things but ways of behaving. It does not ask “what is this thing?” but “what does it do?” and “what can it do?” Because numerous systems in the living, social

and technological world may be understood in this way, cybernetics cuts across many traditional disciplinary boundaries. The concepts which cyberneticians develop thus form a metadisciplinary language through which we may better understand and modify our world.


Cybernetics in some ways is like the science of organisation, with special emphasis on the dynamic nature of the system being organised. The human brain is just such a complex organisation which qualifies for cybernetic study. It has all the characteristics of feedback, storage, etc. and is also typical of many large businesses or Government departments.

The central feature of Cybernetics is that of artificial intelligence, where the aim is to show how artificially manufactured systems can demonstrate intelligent behaviour. There are also various fields of applied cybernetics where this same decision can be shown to operate in fields like education, engineering, accountancy, and so on and so forth.

If we think of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. as traditional sciences, then Cybernetics is a classification which cuts across them all.

Cybernetics is formally defined as the science of control and communication in animals, men and machines.

Problems of Cybernetics:

To produce models and theories of human behaviour which present these functions of human beings and other systems in the same manner in which they are performed by human beings or other such systems as are considered.

Finally, to produce, or simulate, the whole of human or animal behaviour by models which in their construction are identical with human beings or animals.

That is, they should in the end be chemico-colloidal systems, or protoplasmic systems.

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