What Is Android P? | Android 9.0 Update

That’s right, at the time of writing we’re just seven short months away from the first developer preview of the next, next version of Android.We would never be so crude as to see anything comical in Googlers at I/O 2018 proclaiming that developers can get P on their devices today. So instead

we’re going to focus on the eventual nickname for P, which should be heading to a device you probably don’t own yet from mid-2018.

Tests for Android P are being run using the Pixel and Pixel XL but there’s not a lot of evidence as to what they do, as yet, it’s far too soon. So in the meantime, feel free to make wild, possibly stupid guesses.

What we want to see:

Android is in quite a polished state by this point, but there are always improvements that can be made, such as the following things.

1.     Wider, faster availability

2.     More customization

3.     A focus on tablets

4.     Feature parity

5.     Make the Pixel Launcher available on all                          devices

6.     Picture-in-picture for every app

7.     Movable search bar and date widgets



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